Silver Linings

Cardiac Rehab — A Road to Well-Being

4 min readDec 26, 2022
Photo by Chris Linnett on Unsplash

A significant cardiac incident, such as the one I experienced, evokes a gamut of emotional reactions from family and friends ranging from shock to disbelief, friendly advice to empathy. I feel compelled to share them. The road to recovery through rehab and lifestyle changes has been interesting.

Must Be Terrifying

Well-wishers assume the experience must have been traumatic and terrifying. While that may generally be true, it was neither for me. Meditation has taught me otherwise. It is not a morbid obsession to apprehend life’s inescapable terminus. There’s wisdom in paying deliberate attention to one’s breath. It’s a nod to what could be our last breath — tuning into an effortless and involuntary act that seldom gets noticed.


Barring a miracle of Science, no biological system can exist in perpetuity. And our bodies are no exception. Merely knowing that does little to prepare us psychologically. Confronting a terminal diagnosis or a significant health incident such as a cardiac arrest or stroke can get overwhelming. Ultimately, there’s no way to evade the end of life. But I’d like to think befriending it softens the blow. I have discovered that meditation nudges me closer with every drawn breath. The wisdom is in getting…




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