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What I Care About

Rose from our garden. Photo by author

Is Elusive. Make Contact With “Now”

Photo by Tanja Zöllner on Unsplash

Living In The Moment

Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set: Image (and assembly) by Author!

Catastrophic Risks In Knowledge Discovery. An Insider Story

The Large Hadron Collider. Image Courtesy: CERN LHC

The Claim

The earth could get swallowed by a Black Hole the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could allegedly create.

Impermanence Is A Permanent Fixture

Photo by Janet Wiedenhoeft on Unsplash

Rational AI Meets Irrational Minds

What connects Zen, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Quantum Physics, and Philosophy?

Epistemic Limits

That Gaping Void Beyond

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Walk The Walk

An Ode To Indigenous Allomothers

Dual Perspective Of The Mind

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Nature’s Quarter Power Scaling Laws

Why isn’t average human lifespan a million years? Why do organisms stop growing, age, and die?

Photo by marek kizer on Unsplash

Dr. VK

@higgsmass ✍️ 🦉⚛ 🧬 🧘🏽 🏃🏽☕️

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