The number one needs no introduction. It kick-starts an infinite sequence of natural numbers. Oft referred to as unit, it’s a singular entity that occupies the mezzanine between composites and primes. So much for numero uno. But what’s really special about strings of ones? Turns out, enough to obsess over…

Photo by Ken Cheung on Unsplash

Contingent this passing beat
Is to One that went past
Conditioned the Present is
In a Timescape that’s Vast

Expectant this Moment is
Amid a Boundless Swirl
Mysterious, the Chosen is
And the future it unfurls

A touch of Calm Stillness
Tumults of Arriving Two
Flashes Bygone, are Wisps
We owe our…

The Ladies’ Diary Cover Page: Circa 1740. Image Source:


We don’t hear about newspapers nowadays. But there was a time when printed news on paper was the norm. Paperboy was a part-time gig for an adolescent that doesn’t exist today. By deftly maneuvering his bike, his job was delivering newspapers to households along his regular route. …

We enjoy the unique privilege of comprehending space and time. We trust our smartphones to steer us to our destination reliably. Navigation relies on two remarkable ideas under its hood:

  • Spatial (3D space) or Temporal (in time) orientation is only valid relative to a reference frame.

Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set: Image (and assembly) by Author!

As she woke up from her bed,
Stepping down the staircase
“Today is tomorrow,” she said
Finger pointed at the case

With anticipation in the air
And a sense of entitlement
With her cool intrepid dare
Mixed in with excitement

“Good morning!” I diverted
“Did you sleep like a baby?”
“I slept…

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