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I am a physicist by training, but labels are just those. Certain identities get attached to us by way of growing up in society — and we either choose to maintain them or gradually develop our own as we navigate this world. But no matter the labels, I believe we are all humans. We all are striving to navigate this shared circumstance of life we entered butt-naked and penniless and are bound to leave. When we do, we leave behind only the fruits of our actions — the good, the bad and the ugly. I remain agnostic to what lies…

Impermanence Is A Permanent Fixture

Photo by Janet Wiedenhoeft on Unsplash

Constant veil of timeless poise
Is her sleight of hand
Donning a clever disguise
She only takes a stand

Every dawn must yield to dusk
Every spring to winter
Dainty grains couched in husk
Break away and splinter

Wild blooms in a meadow sprout
Sweetness in their scent
Wilt and wither wrought about
Ne’er lasting as they’re meant

Running river bares her bed
Relentless rifts in heat
Storms replenish her instead
Make her supple, replete

Rhythmic dance of breathing in
Cooling nostrils, abdomen swells
Lungs getting their fill within
Signs of life in one that dwells

Impermanence holds her sway

Rational AI Meets Irrational Minds

What connects Zen, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Quantum Physics, and Philosophy?

Human minds! We have embarked on a voyage into the great unknown by supercharging our wannabe-human but silicon counterparts (machines) with intelligence for the express purpose of knowledge acceleration, albeit in narrow domains currently. This endeavor, lofty as it sounds, is probably achievable, but not without collateral. Let us explore the trajectory of rational superintelligent machines making contact with irrational human minds.

Epistemic Limits

Our purchase on the ledge of knowledge is tenuous at best and contingent upon what can be known. But that has never stopped us from seeking it…

That Gaping Void Beyond

Ignorance, the default mode
Scanty prep of genetic code
Knowledge dwells in every atom
Not a single one can fathom

Everyone must wake up first
With a brain in its salty-ware!
Everyone must bite the dust
No choice but to grow aware!

Brevity amidst end and start
Life’s trek, driven by desire
Clouds of delusion do depart
Slowly withdrawing to retire

Awareness hardly stands a chance
Endless darkness scoffs askance
Dispelling clouds, a slender chance
Wisdom or bust, take a stance!

— VK

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Walk The Walk

Those of us fortunate enough to walk may feign a vague recollection of taking our first footsteps…

An Ode To Indigenous Allomothers

Too many a battered mile
A lonesome rider rode
Stopping a weary while
Pueblo, hamlet’s abode

Crisp is the morning air
Dawn by a splendid sol
Bluffs, vistas, what a pair!
Afar she saw, not a soul

Rest and bathe in saloon
Ale to quench her thirst
As it neighed for water soon
Her trusty steed came first!

Enchanted, the blessed land
Juniper, spruce, and fir
Trails snake a valley grand
Paths got etched in her

Pueblo is but a hamlet
Nurturing pilgrims tired
Allomother, our planet
Mother of all she birthed

Fiery bellies of stars blasted
Shaped her humble entry

Dual Perspective Of The Mind

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Streaming hither the mind
Is but a granular world
Emotions that abound,
Measly phantoms furled

Grains beheld in tricolor,
Got draped as elegance
Images the minds conjure
Are for their acceptance

Morsels on taste buds
Are grains that linger
Fragments that marinate
With enzymes and stir

Birdsong is but a stream
Impinging on the ear
Granular is the medium
Vibrating, so we hear

The feel of a satin’s sheet,
That sensation can’t forget
Are little grains of heat
A fleeting tête-à-tête

Dark is the cranium inside
To sight, touch, taste, or smell
Fancying the world outside
Grasping, inching, so it can tell

Nature’s Quarter Power Scaling Laws

Why isn’t average human lifespan a million years? Why do organisms stop growing, age, and die?

A curious child may drive her parents crazy with such questions. Innocuous as they sound, they hide profound secrets. In the fourth installment of Radical Series, let us explore universal scaling laws that have a radical of three quarters (exponent = ¾) and the magic number 4!

Photo by marek kizer on Unsplash

Folklore is rife with tales of immortality and the elixir of life. Philosophical works expound on the topics of life and death. Religious texts are replete with professed answers stemming from revelations. Illuminated by newly discovered knowledge…

Entropy: The Grim Reaper

Photo by Patti Black on Unsplash


The arrow of time
Points only one way
From a bud to a bloom
A fleeting passageway

Order reigned supreme
O’er yonder big fireworks
Disorder crept in gently
a shadow that lurks

Shore up ye human
For the shadow grows long
Savor the precious moment
You get to sing along

There is no escape
From its vice-like hold
You got no choice but to
Accept, truth be told!

Order to disarray
Is a one-way street
Enjoy the ride
For death, you shall meet

Ultimate heat death hither
Is a fate destined to all
Entropy the grim reaper
Penumbra that eats…

Ideas To Avoid Extinction


An article with a grandiose subtitle pitching ideas to save our demise can be construed by many as gloomy pronouncements of a fearmonger, although such tactics may attract a large audience. I hope it does, but not because of fear. That is not my intent. I am one of those who brush aside such articles. I run that risk even as I plan to publish this article ahead of Earth Day 2021. But I have to confess I had an epiphany while reading Scale: The Universal Laws of Life, Growth, and Death in Organisms, Cities, and Companies by Geoffrey…

The Meandering Journey Of Photons

Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash

In two previous posts, we saw the emergence of radicals naturally — with examples from Economics and Game Theory. In this third installment of the series, let’s see how they emerge in stochastic (or random) processes in nature. The star of this show is a photon — the emergence of low-entropy infra-red photons responsible for all life on planet earth.

We Didn’t Build That!

All organic life is carbon-based. The biochemical magic of a human body is the clockwork of a little over thirty-seven trillion cells, each with an infinity of carbon atoms. No lab has forged a single carbon atom yet. …

Dr. VK

@higgsmass ✍️ 🦉⚛ 🧬 🧘🏽 🏃🏽☕️

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